Sunday bike build and ride

Sunday was meant to be a ride through the city and a damned good one considering the weather we’d had recently… Unfortunately the weather thought it would rain just for one day when I wanted to be outdoors!

No loss though as my mate Benxxx got his new bike he’d been waiting on for a while. Whilst Tommo and I got to enjoy watching the build.

First part was choosing the frame and color types

Benxxx – which one should I get man?

Tommo – I like the green one

Benxxx – ok mate


After some umming and uhherig Ben decided on the grey/pewter frame from cinelli in the mash model. So we wheeled the trek in for surgery and said goodbye



We had a while to wait while the guys from Deus ex did the switch over so what do you do? Have a coffee or 3 from the awesome tasting cafe situated right inside the shop! 🙂



Seeing the guys work was really cool, they take so much care whilst doing this stuff you would think its their own bikes they are working on. I wasn’t sure how it was going to look but as the parts went in it started to take shape as you’ll see in the photos



The finishing touches we’re being put on and you can see the velocity rims with blue Michelin tyres actually suited it. Loved the new cf seat post that was thrown on



As you can see its pretty hot


Ben decided it was so hot he would jump it


After Bens test ride in the wet


It was time to get serious, we headed for dryer climate. Homebush.


Tommo cruising the Giant


The cycle paths and roads in homebush allow for hours of fun and relatively low traffic so for those of us going brakeless it’s awesome you can practice skids all day long


Amazingly all photos on bike were taken by me ridding no hands lol


I’m not sure many people realism there is an old armory near the water at homebush easily accessible by bike or foot. We stopped there for some pictures which turned out awesome




A great day was had and will do it again. If you live in Sydney get out and cycle homebush.

I wanna throw out a big thanks to the guys at Deus ex for being so helpful an patient with all the questions. They had great prices too depending on what you wanted but I would have no hesitation in building a bike there.


My bike was in attendance and how it looks currently, truly an evil looking bike



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