Series review: Green Lantern animated

Late last year it was announced that a Green Lantern tv series was being released in early 2012, they left us with some images and then a teaser ep…


What a teaser! I was pretty stoked with the storyline because just after we had been through the war of the light storyline it looked like we’d be getting it in an animated version. Kinda now I’ve seen part of it lol see trailer below for the animation style which I’m not that much a fan of… Young justice style would have been better!

Green Lantern animated trailer

So the series has been better then I thought it would so far. I’m not hating on it, I’m just such a huge green lantern fan that it you mess it up I wanna cry and kill someone. We start out on OA with the problem of “Frontier Lanterns” dying or going missing it looks like. Hal Jordan is ready to head off and assist but had never heard of them before. It’s explained whilst the Corps maintains watch over the 3600 sectors in guardian space, there is the putter edge that Frontier lanterns patrol. They receive little training except for what the rings provide and no backup as they are usually spread far between.

Pic of the guardians


Great concept as I hadn’t read about this in the comics so it was new and exciting 🙂 kilowog ad Jordan are helped by Ganthet, he shows them “The Interceptor” a ship capable of getting them to guardian space quickly if it was ordered. It unfortunately these not the case and the guardians decided against this as it was just not a major problem for them.


They take the ship anyway and arrive at the frontier ready to help, luckily they happen upon a GL needing backup and facing 2 Red Lanterns! This is awesome to see


It’s great as you start to see red lanterns, warriors in yellow armor (not lanterns… Yet) the star sapphires and saint walker makes an appearance…



Now I have just finished the 13th episode mid review so from this point on spoiler alert

We have blue lantern!!!!


As the invasion of oa starts, the red lantern fleet is met by kilowog who is hopelessly outmatched… But when he hit a power boost we see the first blue lantern… Saint walker


Overall the series was brilliantly executed. The storyline was great and after the massive books we’ve had out so far this is finally a series the fans deserve.

We even got to see Hal battling Attrocitus


One of the only bad points for me was that I wasn’t a fan of the animation. I don’t see why we had to have cgi, why couldn’t they just use the same styling as young justice!!!

The series was pretty short at 13 episodes and I can only hope now the different corps have made appearances we will have the war of the light with the blackest night storyline…. Here’s hoping hey! Wait was that a flying pig?


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