Iron man 3 – the armory!

In a new photo just out Iron man 3 has started filming, and we can see the start of the armory!!!


For comic fans it doesn’t get any better, I had wondered when they would get to this! So from left to right we can see the

Mark I
Mark III
Mark IV
Mark V
Mark VI
Mark VII

Not sure if the war machine which used to be the mark II armor is still with Rhodey, maybe that’s a plot spoiler???

Not much is known right now but Robert Downey jr. Had said that it will be a return to the first movies style, more story based unlike number 2 which just had action all over.

I know the mark VI and VII were short lived… But i’d like to see an extremis armor, there was a rumor there will be an iron patriot armor in the film… Let’s wait and see!


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