Arrow has begun!

Well episode 1 finally hit us last week and I found myself panicking before watching it! Nerve racking. But after the opening few mins I was put at ease.


Steven Amell is doing an awesome job so far, he’s trained hard for the role that I could see. The pilot episode is doing a great job of being that. Giving us answers to storyline whilst not giving too much away.


In the pic above you can see the new costume, And compared to the smallville green arrow you can see this is trying to be more functional and less theatrical.

Oliver Queen as a character is someone you can easily like, the bad guys are hard to see it could b anyone around him… Won’t give too much away. Below is a picture of someone I’m betting will be his friend/ally in the future eps! John Diggle who has been hired on as his bodyguard/driver


I’m fairly impressed and think this is going to be a great show, I just hope it doesn’t get an axing early on as some of my fav shows tend to do. Last screen shot is a high wire escape from police.



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