Gundam Thunderbolt

Been a hell of a long time! But I’m back and this first post is brief, but most of what I will be talking about for a while.

Gundam…A space opera over 30 years old and still going strong as a series today, though with many changes.


This latest series to come up leaked in December but can now be watched for a short time in subtitled format outside of Japan on the youtube Channel.

What is Gundam? Well hard to describe, but think gigantic exo suits or Mobile suits as they are referred to in the series that people use in war. The hero suit is often referred to as a “Gundam” and most often has other names but is usually the most powerful one in the series….Seriously, if I was a pilot and someone said go fight a Gundam….I’d laugh in their face!

This newest series is set in the same period as the original series Mobile Suit Gundam 0079, during the one year war where the peoples of Earth were locked in battle with the peoples of Space who live in Colonies which are a cluster of cylinders called Sides. The instigators of the war are a nation named Zeon, led by the Zabi Family….More info please go watch yourself! despite being 35 years old or so it is brilliant and english dubbed for those not interested in sub titles.


As stated the new series is set during UC0079 (Universal Century) and takes place in the Thunderbolt sector of space, where Side 4 Mua was and is now a shoal zone full of wreckage of ships and colonies etc… The Earth federation forces are fighting with the Zeons. The 2 primary characters and their machines are pictured below.


The ESFS Ace Ensign Lo Flemming in his new FA-78 Gundam will be pitted against Zeon Ace sniper Daryl Lorenz who just happens to have robotic legs (the zeons stationed here are the Living Dead Corp, guessing pilots who have survived major battles) and it seems the two are fated to kill each other from what we see in the first episode.



There will be a new Zaku test type for the enemy but first ep looks like standard equipment only for them. I love the music the Jazz is so invigorating!


Stay tuned for more episodes though they are due for release in 2016 with no schedule as yet,




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