Guyver: Bio Boosted Armor

You know those fond memories you have of watching things from when you were a kid? I have tonnes of those as I loved the weekly trips to the rental shop with my parents (kids be screaming, what you talking about! lol)

But back in the day, there was no netflix, internet speeds for most were dial up and terrible so torrenting etc… wasn’t really an option and DVD wasn’t around. So VHS tapes were the rage. I got into most shows I like today by seeing early anime without realising it and I think I’ve mentioned this before. But I digress, Guyver the anime is a fun show but I’d never heard of it till 8 years ago or so and picked up the DVD boxset on a work trip when I just happened by a pop culture store that had it. I’d always thought it was just an american film I’d seen when I was a kid.

Happily though it is another Japanese Manga that spawned Anime’s, Ova’s and movies.

The premise is this, kid in the  manga/series stumbles across a top secret alien weapon and it activates. Transforming him into the Guyver, a soldier wearing a high tech bio armor with incredible agility, speed, strength and weaponry.

In the first film I ever saw as a kid it was actually Mark Hamill this happened to, and he then fought off the evil corporation trying to get it back and their hoard of alien soldiers called Zoanoids. Basically creatures resembling animals etc… here but larger grotesque versions.


The second film picked up sometime after (no Mark Hamill) living a life of solitude as the armor seems to be causing a lot of social issues as he is often out at night, hunting criminals and killing them. There is more explanations in this film helping you to understand where it came from.


The manga that spawned it all started in 1985! and is currently still running though I’m not sure how frequent the releases are.


The Anime was probably closer obviously to the manga storyline, and actually had 3 Guyvers in it, which obviously makes for a huge amount of fun in the combat sections.


This was a quick trip down memory lane, I’m currently 5 episodes into the anime and loving it. I’m sure I’ll have no trouble polishing off the rest in no time.


I Highly recommend getting out there and finding it for yourself! I have both films and they were easy enough to locate on ebay in a dual pack.

More content coming soon, as I start my Airbrushing of model kits and my 2nd custom kit.


Cheers! Kirkysworld


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