My new obsession: Gunpla

Some will be going wow yeah going over your older posts it makes sense, others will be saying….What the hell is a gunpla?


Gunpla is just a name for Gundam Plastic models, manufactured by Bandai in Japan. They’ve been going for over 35 years now and the popularity is only on the rise as far as I can see. A lot of this would have to do with the fact it’s also a hugely popular anime that the kits are based on, and apart from being awesome kits the anime is usually pretty epic.

In 2007 when I was visiting japan i sadly wasn’t into this hobby, I was collecting the metal type figurines of super robots. I didn’t realise these aisles of awesomeness were there.

gunpla shopping.jpg

One major difference I believe with Gunpla compared to any other kit, is Bandai’s polycaps. They make it almost needless to use Glue on these kits. You can use the nippers or a knife to cut the puts out and assemble.

So let’s have a quick look at the different scales and grades of kits you have.

SD – Super Deformed. These are the cute bobble headed looking kits. This was my first kit, not very details but fun to put together and a nice easy one to start.

HG – High Grade – 1/144 scale – These kits are the bread and butter of the line up. Most kits will be released in this line in some form with any given amount of variations. These kits are detailed enough, still being fun to build (most of the time unless you get sticker hell) and have a good amount of colour separation without needing to be painted compared to much older kits which I personally haven’t used but have been told weren’t as nice. The current line of kits include things like a shield, rifle or other weapons.

RG – Real Grade – 1/144 scale – This scale is a great one, the cheaper options and size of the HG, whilst having gimmicks and the inner frames of the MG lines. Real grade is just that, It’s bring the mobile suits to real life. Highly detailed and articulated, more accurate colours like multiple shades of white or grey from panel to panel. Some can be finnicky from reviews I’ve read, but overall a great line to get into.

MG – Mastergrade – 1/100 scale – These are highly detailed kits usually including a few to tonnes of accessories. Unlike the previous kits they come with an inner frame, which you assemble and then mount the armor onto. You’ll notice that some kits have a 2.0 marking on them and this is the 2nd run of the kit with improvements to articulation or other fixes.

REBORN 100 – This is a more recent line from Bandai, and features mobile suits you wouldn’t usually see in a 1/100 scale. It’s not far in with only the 6th kit just being released. The main difference is you get the scale and alot of detail, without the inner frame which would be an expensive part of the kit. So far sales seem good and the line is receiving support as it has great kits you don’t usually see getting some love like the recent Bawoo from Zeta Gundam.

PG – Perfect Grade – 1/60 scale – This is the top echelon of Gunpla kits. Much larger scale, but much much more detail. I am yet to attempt one of these kits myself, they are pricey but worth it from what I’ve seen. There aren’t many of them, but usually the most popular hero suits are the ones to get it like the original RX-78.2 Gundam, the Astray Gundam or the 00 Raiser Gundam from Gundam 00. These kits are highly detailed, articulated and beautiful to see. They have tonnes of weapons, and things like LED’s you can install.

Here is a picture I found on the net, of the Grandaddy gundam RX-78 in most of the scales.

scale photo.png

I haven’t mentioned the largest one yet but the 1/48 scale is a mega size. There aren’t many of those released and from what I’ve seen about them in reviews they are a giant HG when assembling.

There is so much you can do with this hobby, from modification and scratch building, to airbrushing (which I have just got setup) or just assemble from the box and glance at the fantastic work you’ve just done.

I highly recommend this to anyone of any age, go to your local hobby store and check out what they have, there is a design to catch anyones eye.

Till next time, Catchya!

Kirkysworld đŸ™‚


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