Gunpla Builders World Cup

So to accompany my last post, there’s this really cool thing that goes along with gunpla. It’s held by bandai and it’s called the GBWC or Gunpla Builders World Cup.


It’s a yearly competition held around August with the finals being held in Japan in December. In countries around the world there will be a competition you can enter your build into and compete for 1st, 2nd or 3rd in your category (open, junior etc..) and if you place 1st you get a trip to japan! That’s right, to see how your entry stacks up against the best of the best.

There are rules, only genuine bandai products, certain measurements etc… and the competition is brutal. You may think you’ve got something great and then when you show up….BAM. You think well thank’s for coming. Below are a few pictures as an example of the 2016 entries that caught my eye, A couple of recently made friends from here in australia did really well. Kirin whom I share a love of the Stardust memories 0083 series and the GP01 Gundam Zephyranthes, placed third and Lance placed first for Australia in the open category and did well in Japan.


I must admit, I didn’t originally understand why the guy who won overall did with his entry, and then it was explained to me. He created all the Samurai armor by hand and the diorama is actually meant to mimic a scene from Japanese history where 2 Warriors met on a bridge in Kyoto. Hearing the back story and what the guy went through to make it just shows how  big this hobby is and the depth of thoughts and emotions that go into it.

So if you’re game, take it up and see what you got. If you love a challenge you’re in the right place.



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