New Group: Gunpla Network

You may or may not have noticed this new internet sensation, hitting social media hard.

Gunpla Network

This is a group I became a moderator on back in March(ish) it started at the end of Jan this year and has just reached over 10k in members! it’s great for sharing your work and getting help if you need it. The growth has just been phenomenal and it all started because a few people couldn’t stand the spoilers for the Animes each week…..Crazy huh?

I currently mod the page with around 8 others, and run the Instagram account and host the podcast. The community at it’s core is great, just so much sharing and love for the hobby it’s something we all want.

Click on the links below and go and check it out, Share your work and have a chat 🙂



Gunpla Network Facebook Group

Gunpla Network Youtube Channel

Gunpla Network Instagram


Anime Review: Gundam The Origin OVA

This Anime has just finished it’s First Arc in December 2016, amazingly I wasn’t aware it was going to go further then 4 Episodes. The Unfortunate part though however is that we now have to wait nearly 12 months before the 2nd arc is going to pick up, The Battle of Loum.


As a quick overview of the first few episodes as I don’t want to spoil it all for you, Go watch it on the Gundam youtube channel.

Gundam The Origin, is a prequel to the original Gundam series, Mobile Suit Gundam 0079. It sides heavily with the Zeons at the first 2 to 3 episodes and focuses on Casval Rem Deikun…..And I hear you asking WHO??


That would be the boy on the left, and his sister Artesia on the right. You’d know them better as Char Aznable and Sayla from the original Gundam.

So in these 4 OVA’s we get the original story of what happened to lead to the one year war of 0079. It’s great to see it in so much detail and learn all about what happened, I had so many questions when watching the Anime. This has answered most of them!

You’ll also run into other characters like Ramba Ral, Tem Ray and Amuro.


The first episode wasn’t as interesting as I thought, and episode 2 wasn’t much better. Though it explains the name changes as we know that Char has had many names over the Gundam series. Finally in Episode 3 this happens and you reliase how he got the name Char!


That’s right, basically a duplicate character with different eye colour that he switches with to throw off the Zabi Family pursuing him, and he ends up enrolling in the Military academy they run right under their noses.

We can see here in these pictures, he ends up wearing glasses to hide his eyes, only to have someone give him his famous visor to hide them. He also befriends Garma Zabi, the youngest of the Zabi bloodline.

Episode 3 is way more action packed then the first 2 combined, and still has a lot of plot in it. It basically gives you the reason for the uprising by the colonies, but also the hidden agenda’s of others in the background. We also get our first look at Mobile Workers, the precursors to Mobile suits. The below isn’t that, but its the first shot of a mobile suit being constructed in the series.



At the start of Episode 4, you see Char being booted out from the academy and headed for Earth…thinking WTF?? how is the main character getting tossed aside? But in doing so it reveals he had a hand working in Mobile use technologies for Zeonic company and co. Also on Earth he meets someone very important to the series….


After an escape back to space, we get more of the EFSF side, and the mobile suits being developed there, we don’t actually get to see the very first Gundam… But we do get Amuro’s father Tem Ray and Anaheim Electronics and their involvement including the Early type Guncannon. I love that colour scheme, the Revive HG kit should have come in that colour scheme!


Dr Minovsky, yes the inventor of the particle or discoverer, is going to defect and help the EFSF apparently. They’re is a rescue/exchange menat to happen which Zeon know all about as we get a little exchange between what is anew design to me, the Bugu and a few Zaku I’s heading to a meeting point across the moon.


They’re actually Ramba Ral, and the Tri-Stars!!! if you don’t know who they are, please go watch the original series now. They’re heading to meet “him” also known as that “Red Bastard”..Yep you guessed it.


Char in his Zaku I, in his full Colors. So this team of super stars headed to a meeting point….That pretty much spells disaster for the exchange about to happen. I won’t go into too much detail but the EFSF dispatch the “Iron Cavalry” to help cover them. Once they arrive on the scene they take action to defend the car and fighters in spectacular fashion.

I loved this scene, especially how certain they are that 12 Guncannons should be enough to deal with 4-5 zeon suits…Yeah it’s all down hill from there.

I beg you to go and watch this series, support it by buying the HG Origin kits as that is how the series get made, Bandai get the $$$ through the merchandise. Most of the time I would say nah forget it….but The Gundam franchise is one that is addictive.

Catch ya next time with a Kit update I’m working on, RX-78.2 Gundam Custom colours and weathering.

Kirkysworld 🙂