New Group: Gunpla Network

You may or may not have noticed this new internet sensation, hitting social media hard.

Gunpla Network

This is a group I became a moderator on back in March(ish) it started at the end of Jan this year and has just reached over 10k in members! it’s great for sharing your work and getting help if you need it. The growth has just been phenomenal and it all started because a few people couldn’t stand the spoilers for the Animes each week…..Crazy huh?

I currently mod the page with around 8 others, and run the Instagram account and host the podcast. The community at it’s core is great, just so much sharing and love for the hobby it’s something we all want.

Click on the links below and go and check it out, Share your work and have a chat 🙂



Gunpla Network Facebook Group

Gunpla Network Youtube Channel

Gunpla Network Instagram


Anime Review: Iron Blooded Orphans

I’ve taken quite a while to get to this series, and in part that is because I wasn’t sure I’d do a review or even watch it and continue watching it until I finished season 1. Now we are drawing to a close on season 2 and I figured it was a good time to write it up…So here goes!

As usual, here is your disclaimer…..POSSIBLE SPOILERS ahead! I’m not going into a huge amount of plot info as I want you guys to go and watch the series, the best part is you can watch it all on youtube on the channel. They’ve even just started streaming season 1 in dub format….though I’m not mega keen on the english voices, but it makes it easier for some as they hate subtitles.


This series is set in a future, where a planet like Mars can be inhabited thanks to terraforming. However, there is alot of inequality far worst then you see in current society. If you aren’t from a wealthy background you’re basically trash, you work labour jobs in factories and colonies etc.. Cryse is the main city on mars, and our main cast (as pictured below) are such unlucky citizens, working for the CGS for adults who treat them like filth because they’re parentless kids and only good for dying.


There are many more to the cast but these are the main for season 1 and most of 2. When the main heroine of the story Kudelia hires CGS to take her to Earth so she can change how things are on Mars, the injustices, the inequality, she creates a huge problem in the main antagonists of season 1 are trying to stop her and will crush anyone in there way including the security company.

There are so many good things that are different about this show, and I highly urge you to watch it! But one of the more interesting things about this show is the mobile suit designs, unlike any before. Gundams are obviously the main suit, but there are plenty of other types of suits.

This show has intense violence, like none I’ve seen in a Gundam series before, down to children executing adults at point blank range with a gun to Mobile suit combat with axes and swords. I love that they took the beam weaponry that could overcome everything out of it, and took it back to basic melee combat and firearms were the only way to do things. That doesn’t mean there is no future tech though, alot of the children have been forced to have a surgey which allows them to interface with mobile workers to do work in outer space and on the ground.They can also steer ships with them, and if it allows (as the gundam frames do) interface with a mobile suit. It’s a tech left over from the Calamity war 300 years earlier to which we still at the end of season 2 have no clue was about as we only get fragments.

But what we do know is the large military organisation which is supposedly responsible for peace and order in the galaxy was born out of this event, Gjallarhorn. It seems they originally created the 72 Gundam Frames, and the Alaya-Vijnana System for human interface, but have since prohibited the use and studied in secret, fearing its use against them. The Gundam frames might number  72, but so far we have seen less then 10 in the anime, and maybe 1-2 in side stories from a manga and game. Below is a picture of the basic Gundam frame, each will obviously be tuned for different speed and strength etc.. And some have different features, Like the special System Vidar uses in season 2….go watch to find out that!


Another great feature of this series, is how they have linked in history and myth, the reason there are 72 Gundam Frames…is there are 72 demons listed in the first section in the magic book the lesser key of solomon! I love series that do this, I love reading Dan brown as he writes based on myth and history.

This series has been awesome and refreshing, something very different a new stand alone series and it was very good to see after what I see was a very big flop series, Reconguista in G. Do yourself a favor, and follow the link below to the first episode and hope that it isn’t blocked in your country. IBO E01