Magic Box LED Light BOX review

For xmas last year I was given something cool for m hobby, took me till now to attempt it though!

It was more daunting then I thought, an LED light up display box?….I was scared but without foundation though. This thing was a delight to assemble and went together so well.


Opening the box up you’re greeted with a few small packets, and an instruction guide.


So easy to assemble, you get the following

  • 2 x Bases which are the bottom and top.
  • cables for power (USB, like you could plug into an iphone adaptor or garmin etc…)
  • 8 x LED plug in lights
  • 3 x perspex clear panels
  • 1 x Mirror panel for the rear of the box

You could put this thing together without the instructions! So I won’t go into it too much.

You can’t fit much in it though, this is the smallest in the range if I had to guess, A 1/144 scale Gunpla model (introducing Build Burning Gundam) just fits in. But it is a great, you can aim the lights and really show off a kit.

I highly recommend this box setup, they seem to be sold from ebay or Aliexpress.