Build Log: RX-78 Prototype diorama

This is the first I hope, of many build logs on kits I’m either working on or finished. This time I didn’t have time to update with WIP (work in progress) logs but rather a completed log.

Here in Aus I’m part of a community of builders, which is great as we all share our work with each other on FB, but also challenge each other. Not only egging others on with GBWC entries (see previous post for explanation on that) but with challenge builds!

This is my entry for the most recent one that finished this week, a weathered challenge. I’ve never weathered a kit before and this is my first airbrushed kit also, to quote band of brothers “a day of firsts”…..well 2 months of firsts lol.

The challenge has rules, it started on Jan 6th from memory and completed on the 6th of March. You had to use any High Grade 1/144th scale kit from gundam that you wanted, however it had to be genuine Bandai (fair call) and it had to be weathered, not really damaged but weathered. I opted to include a diorama to present it at the last minute…I didn’t win but I had fun learning!

I started with the 35yth Anniversary Revive HG 1/144 RX-78.2 Gundam, the granddady of all. I decided that it would be a forgotten prototype, left in a maintenance bay after testing and long forgotten since the days of the 1 year war….If you don’t know what that is go and read now before continuing.


It’s a basic kit but soooo Good, the Revive line I can highly recommend. It’s basic but well made. I modified it slightly on the head, drilled some holes in the forearms and legs trying to make it more realistic. After that it was straight into painting! A daunting task for newbies like myself.

I wanted to keep the colour scheme simple, white/grey mix of Mr Hobby paints and a dark blue which was a mix of gundam blue and some black added in. I then used Gold leaf enamel hand painted on.

I used 2 types of paint here, Lacquers for the main body and weapon colours like grey/white, blue, black. For the detailed parts like the frame/hands I used an enamel gunmetal by Tamiya, gold leave and chrome silver for detailed parts and scratching.

On the weathering, it was fun! I usually love clean looking kits but making this thing look used and abused was great fun. Scratching was the easiest and the best looking part. I think the shield turned out amazing if I do say so myself.

But I decided┬álast minute to do a Diorama, and I had to find something to use….Luckily a tree in my yard was struck by lightning and a few appliances in the house died….Queue the wifi router sacrificing it’s life haha

I would love to continue writing more details, but I’m tired and I think the pictures are speaking for themselves! The hardest part about weathering is less is more…Hard to get. I think for a first attempt I did ok but obviously as more time goes on and more kits get made I’ll improve.

Here are the final photo’s, I love it. Enjoy guys!!